Younite with like-minded and qualified professionals, on projects that match your professional skills and abilities.
Create a network and create the future, together!


Apply as a person or company to a wide array of projects, or create your own, and find people for yours.

Filter your project board based on your chosen topics and collaboration circles. Topics attract the right projects and collaborators that fit your needs.

Create, Connect, Collab.

Forget networking events. The people that you meet are not always the ones you need. Create collaboration circles. Connect your current network of people in one pool. Collaborate on projects together.
Filter your projects board on circles, and see the projects of your connections.

Stay up to date on new applications for your projects. Anytime. Anywhere

Users which are interested in your project will apply and try to sell themselves to you as project organizer. As an organizer YOU have the choice to choose which you find the best fit for the job.

Experience is what defines YOU, not your degree.

Create your portfolio as an extension of YOU. Use it to apply to projects and make yourself known to project organizers. Use it to let them know WHY you are the real deal, and the perfect match for the job!

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